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Welcome to Red Door

Red Door is an expert in sourcing foods and ingredients directly from farms, factories and manufacturers all over the world.

Our Products


Unleash your taste buds on Tom and Ben's irresistible range of biscuits. From Assorted Creams to the iconic Scotch Finger, the funky Choc Chip and Nice, and the invigorating Milk Coffee to the luxurious Butternut Choc Creams, Raspberry Creams, and Shortbread Creams. Also the portion control biscuits are your ultimate go-to whether you're flying solo or sharing good vibes with your crew.


Our Fruit Salad bursts with succulent flavors, while 2 Fruits offers a tantalizing twist. The zesty Pineapple, whether thinly sliced or crushingly delightful, adds a tropical twist to your moments. Savor the retail Pineapple in all sizes, and let your taste buds embark on a tantalizing journey. At Red Door, we're not just about food; we're about experiences that resonate with your cool and vibrant lifestyle. Get ready to unlock a world of taste and excitement – the Red Door way.


About Us

100% Australian Owned

We are a nimble, fast-moving sourcing solution that works to source quality product at superior margins for our customers. We proudly exist to keep the big end of town honest!

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